About Takeda Ham

About Takeda Ham

Our TRINITY -Chosen for its deliciousness-

TAKEDA HAM (Our Company) was built in Habikino Osaka in 1954 which was really turbulent times.
All our products are produced here in Habikino.
Of course, with no overseas production for its cost reduction and never rely on third parties.
Ever since our founding, we produced all by ourselves.

We obsessed by the word “TRINITY”
“ Pretaste ” : Before you eat, you look at it and then feel like eating it.
“Taste” : Just eat and taste.
“Aftertaste” : When you finish eating it, you say one word “Delicious”

These three are our “TRINITY” .

We always cherish this word. We keep producing fine products with technology
cultivated so far and of course more safety and security.
We would spare no effort at all for the future.

About Takeda Ham

Company Profile

Company name TAKEDA HAM Co., Ltd.
President Kiyoshi Takeda
Head office location 2-16-15 Daikoku, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0014
TEL +81-6-6632-4717
Capital 300 million yen
Established October 1954